: Was a $7.2 million offer made through the Uniregistry Market? is up for sale, and the keyword is a hot potato, thanks to the proliferation of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology domains are all the rage, and this is the matching .com of the second most popular crypto, often shorthanded as ETH.

While is rumored to have sold for $2 million dollars, the owners of are seeking a minimum offer of $10,000,000 dollars in order to consider selling.

In September, had a lander stating:

Current bid: $6,999,999

When one clicked to inquire about the domain, it linked to a brokerage email.

Things, however, have changed.

Now, the current offer stands at $7.2 million dollars, according to the landing page. But when one clicks on the link to inquire about the domain, it goes to a form at the Uniregistry Market.

Is Uniregistry validating the current bid of $7.2 Million dollars for

If that offer was not made through the Uniregistry Market, it might be confusing for anyone willing to cough up $10 big ones for a domain that might present potential issues to its next owner, unless it’s the Ethereum Foundation that possesses an active trademark.

Kudos: Dale.

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