Ethos Capital rolling on the floor laughing after #Verisign agreement with #ICANN

Late last year, we discussed the obsession of domain investors with the transition of dot .ORG Registry, PIR, into the lap of Ethos Capital.

The latter is a newly formed capitalist fund, backed by conservative investors. Many speculated that Ethos Capital lacks any experience in managing the quintessential TLD for organizations and non-profits.

In that humorous post we pointed out the facts of the real threat: Verisign. The 800 lbs gorilla of domain names is now open to increase prices at 7% per year without waiting for 2024, thanks to an agreement worth $20 million dollars that will end up in ICANN pockets.

Domainers that believe Ethos Capital is “bad” are clearly side-blinded, and the swift move by mega-power Verisign shows how hundreds of millions of .COM and .NET domains are now slated to increase in price. The .ORG inventory of roughly 10 million domains pales in comparison!

It’s a great start for 2020 and the domain industry! 😀

Verisign has a new contract to raise .com prices – Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

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