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#Evergreen : Latest newsletter shares list of premium brokered #domains

Evergreen.com posted the latest issue of its domain-focused newsletter, covering the active brokerage of several premium, high value domain names.

Topping the lot is Cybersecurity.com, which is being brokered for a minimum of $5 million dollars. Indeed, it’s a great domain name.

Other domains include the following:

  • Themes.com for $825k – reduced price
  • Documentation.com for $100k
  • Offshore.com for $5 million dollars
  • Immaculate.com for $275k
  • Glitter.com for $1.5 million
  • Asteroid.com for $590k
  • Router.com for $765k – reduced price
  • Passwords.com for $355k
  • Inferno.com for $1.5 million

Want more info? Visit Evergreen.com.

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