Exotic names and geodomains : China imposes new policies on naming

Facebook wants a piece of China's market.

Facebook wants a piece of China’s market.

Domain investors savvy with the Chinese domain market, most likely invest in the following categories:

  • Numeric domains
  • Short domains
  • Pinyin domains
  • Chinese geodomains

The latter category, geographical names, is the focus of a new upcoming policy in China, by the ever-controlling Chinese government.

According to China Daily, the Chinese government is moving to ban “exotic” names given to places, buildings and complexes to protect and preserve traditional culture.

That’s because in recent years, real estate developers and some local governments have chosen names based on locations and buildings overseas, such as “Manhattan” and “Venice.”

While this adoption of foreign names has caused “amusement,” the use has generated anger and heated debates.

So if you hold domain names such as VeniceChina.com or ManhattanChina.com you are soon going to be out of luck. The Chinese authorities are now cracking down and have ordered that all foreign names must be eradicated by June 2017.

Time to sell those domain assets now, before they become worthless!

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One Response to “Exotic names and geodomains : China imposes new policies on naming”
  1. Jen says:


    The Chinese government could effectively shut down the domain name aftermarket overnight.

    Caveat emptor.

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