Facebook bully exposed thanks to DomainTools’ historic WHOIS

Using DomainTools is a daily necessity; for Kimberly Smith, mother of 17 year old Tracy, it was a solution sent from heaven.

“The days were so harsh, Tracy would come home crying after kids would say mean things to her at school” says Kimberly Smith.

“She was being bullied on Facebook by this clique of ‘cool chicks’. At that age, looks are important, you know?”

As if things would not get worse, in July someone created a web site on TracyHasAFatAss.com and posted the link on Facebook to a lot of kids from Tracy’s school.

Both Tracy and her mother were devastated.

“I could not believe they posted photos of Tracy on that web site that were photoshopped to make her look as if she has a big butt!” exclaims Kimberly.

“She has a healthy butt, but not huge. And I wanted to find out who it was that ran the web site.”

The solution came a week later, after a friend of Kimberly’s who works for the IT department of a local car insurance, suggested they should try the DomainTools historic WHOIS feature.

Within minutes of registering for the DomainTools account, the domain information was all theirs to peruse.

“So we found out that the web site owner who had changed their real info at GoDaddy with protection on, was Tracy’s BFF!” exclaimed Kimberly, crossing her arms in front of her ample chest.

“I mean, what a jealous little brat, right? No ass, skinny b*tch! I could not have done it otherwise, thanks DomainTools!” says Kimberly, triumphantly.

Kimberly sued the girl’s parents who are now seeking to settle out of court; all thanks to a quick subscription to DomainTools.

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