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Facebook : XYZ.com and Negari.com are “unsafe” links


While trying to share an article on Facebook about the domain Negari.com, the following error popped up:

Facebook error.

Facebook error.

There seems to be an automatic mechanism on Facebook that blocks links that are deemed unsafe. Such domains can’t be shared publicly or via private messages.

We’ve seen unsafe domains before being blocked by Facebook, .XYZ ones included, due to spam or phishing attacks – but never to this extend.

The current blocking of Negari.com and XYZ.com by Facebook is something that will hopefully be addressed by the folks over at the XYZ Registry.

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One Response to “Facebook : XYZ.com and Negari.com are “unsafe” links”
  1. yancy says:

    Give him a break. When I bought HasTraffic.com, which was never been used nefariously that I can find, I tried to announce it on FB, but I could not. For the past four plus years, I have been trying to get that block down. If anyone knows the process, please share it.

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