Father Domainicus: Faithful domain investors, stay with Twitter!

Greetings and salutations, my domainer brothers and sisters; this is Father Domainicus on yet another congregation of our Domain Church.

I took a long sabbatical and I must say that it was worth it, for I have returned empowered by our Domain Lord, whose message is a clear voice in my head.

My beloved children in domaining, it has been a difficult year for everyone. Those of you who listened to my words and were vaccinated against Covid19 are still among us but evil still persists.

The oligarchs of Russia have created chaos and misery among our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, that are in need of our love and support. Further down the road, unscrupulous individuals drove the value of NFT and crypto into the pits of hell.

Last but by no means least, Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, a satanic move if I may say, that is challenging even the most holy and pure of our congregation. How can Elon Musk, a creature awash in money, care for the goodness of our domain investor community?

Father Domainicus

It’s just not happening.

Charging $8 shekels for the blue tick of the Beast is not the route of our faith. But we are here to fight the unholy with our faith and support, as a domain community.

Our Domain Church is strong and committed to continue on this fine platform that we joined 13 years ago. We are committed to bringing domain faith and domain love to the non-believers.

Let us pray, with the words of Domainclessiastes 24:7, and I quote:

“Oh the holy, oh the righteous, oh the sinners, rejoice! For there is light in the darkness, there is hope in the dropping prices of four letter assets, there is love in the sea of hatred. Rejoice and thou shalt not sell low these eulogized assets, turn a deaf ear to satan’s whispers. Amen.”

And with this message I let you carry on with your Sunday relaxation and special meal-preparation. May the Domain Lord guide your steps and your keystrokes, as you research new domain markets.

With much love,

~Father Domainicus.

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