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Father Domainicus: Forbes’ article is the tool of the Devil!

Greetings and salutations on this fine, breezy Sunday, my domain brothers and sisters.

This is Father Domainicus, and I am not going to waste any more time with niceties.

To the point: Forbes, the online publication that shells out financial advice, is being used as the tool of Satan!

Many domain investors have appealed to me, during our last Domain Church congregation, asking me to excommunicate the writer of an atrocious piece of garbage that disparages domainers.

But if I did so, I would be one level below its author, wouldn’t I?

Oh Father, where are thou?

Beware of the satanic verses hidden in financial publications.

Therefore, there has to be another process to deal with this remarkable piece of donkey manure; instead of crucifying its writer, we must work together to educate the Forbes readership, and bring them back to the Domain Church.

That’s right, my domain children, we have to place a full page ad on Forbes magazine, to bring its thousands of readers back to orthodoxy and the true faith of domain investing.

I have no doubt, that Brother Rick Schwartz, being a smart professional domain investor, will easily gather the shekels necessary to advertise on Forbes about domain names and joint ventures and shall send back to obscurity the writer of that blood pressure-raising article.

It is time that we moved together as a united Domain Church, to capture new markets, the Main Street, the Wall Street and the 5th Avenue as well.

Let me be clear that I am all for eulogizing the sinners, and I will be forgiving the author of that satanic article, offering salvation and kindness – and my other cheek.

Rest assured that in the weeks to come, particularly during January 13-15, a lot of positive energy will be allocated to the education of the ignorant and the salvation of the sinners.

I implore you to keep calm and carry on domaining!

Yours in a loving, brotherly yet tight embrace,

~ Father Domainicus.

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