Father Domainicus: G+ is the Word of the Domain Lord

Father Domainicus distills the word of our Domain Lord on Google Plus.

Good evening, my domain brothers and sisters.

Like almost every Sunday, I reach out to the domainer community with a message from our Domain Lord.

There is a revelation, my children, that Google has become what it professed not to be: Evil.

In the latest incarnation of deviation from the norm, Google introduced Google+ which is just like Facebook but there is no Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, there are circles or groups of people and one can share with them the most intimate thoughts, desires and photos.

I checked with the Domain Lord about whether this is a useful tool and in all of his wisdom, our Domain Lord responded that yes, G+ is a holy toolin the right hands, that is.

Think of Google Plus as the spoon with which I give you the Holy Communion every week, it is the element that connects us all in the domain community.

With Facebook laden with inappropriate pictures of semi-dressed teenage girls in provocative posturesat least, from what I have been told as I have no such personal experience – Google Plus is a refreshing new Messiah for the domain industry.

Wishing you prosperity and success through Google Plus and everything else that you work on. Amen.

~Father Domainicus

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