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A reminder: G+ is *not* the same as Google+

A lot of people are referring to Google+ as G+ but this is just an unfortunate assumption. As we said before, G+ is an independent service and is in no way related to Google’s new “social circles” experiment. Read more about it in our article.

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Father Domainicus: G+ is the Word of the Domain Lord

Good evening, my domain brothers and sisters. Like almost every Sunday, I reach out to the domainer community with a message from our Domain Lord. There is a revelation, my children, that Google has become what it professed not to be: Evil. In the latest incarnation of deviation from the norm, Google introduced Google+ which […]

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Marketing Group capitalizes on Google Plus mania with G+

Google Plus is all the rage currently. The expansion of Google into territory very similar to Facebook has caused a stir that is bound to make Mark Zuckerberg nervous. For the time being, Google+ is in beta and accessible by invitation only; making something hard to acquire and increase awareness by restricting its access is […]

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