Father Domainicus : Sodom, Gomorrah and #Verisign

Father Domainicus

Greetings and salutations, my fellow domainers in Christ – this is Father Domainicus, on a fine Sunday sermon to all.

After taking a much needed sabbatical for a while, I am now back to the parish of our Domain Lord, and I am swamped with questions from the fine folk of the domain investing community.

Many a domain investor have asked me – “Father, what is the role and purpose of Verisign? They want to raise prices to the .com once again!”

My domainer children, the story with Verisign is as complex as the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and our Domain Lord said so in the holy scripture, and Domainclessiastes 6:66 in particular:

“Let him who hath understanding reckon the weight of the beast, for the weight is six hundred and sixty six shekels”

Oh, Jerusalem, how these numbers reflect the satanic corresponding numbers! Verisign, operators of the .com domain, charge $6.66 dollars base price to the various domain registrars.

Is this a coincidence; surely, I do not believe so!

In the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, our Domain Lord rained down fire upon the Sodomites, for their unspeakable sins and orgies. I find a lot of common elements to the Verisign story, that called domain investors with the derogatory term, “domain scalpers.

Scalping is a direct reference to a hideous practice by the ancient Babylonians, as performed onto the faithful of our Domain Church. I present it below, but take warning – it is not for those with a weak stomach:

During scalping, the Babylonian priests would insert a long, wooden stake that had been burned on a fire for three days and three nights, through the skin on the top of the head. The skin would burn and sizzle, frizzling the beautiful hair that had been adorned with blessed olive oil. Once the scalping was complete, the Babylonian priest would sodomize their virgin orifices in a satanic ritual that lasted six point sixty-six days.

Is Verisign a cult that is driven by the $6.66 numbers of satan?

My domain children, have faith that if this is the case, everything will come out in time. We can only hope that our Domain Lord will stand up against the forces of evil that want to destroy the domain industry!

Revelations 4:34 states it very clearly:

“When time cometh, the skies shall open and our Domain Lord will rejoice the coming of times with hallelujah aplenty.”

And there you have it. Until we meet next time, be good, be vigilant – behave.

~ Father Domainicus

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