Father Domainicus : The Internyet era is about to begin

The domain end is near, says Father Domainicus.

The Internet’s end is nigh, says Father Domainicus.

Greetings and salutations, my domainer brothers and sisters; this is Father Domainicus, on a fine yet smoldering hot Sunday afternoon.

Many a domain investor have asked me recently, Father Domainicus, what is going on with ICANN and the end of the United States’ God-given authority on the Internet?

Without a doubt ICANN, a US-based non-profit, has been promoting the “multi-stakeholder” model for years, eager to proclaim its international character and agenda.

In other words, a corporation that is exempt from income taxes under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, is promoting the end of the United States’ protective role.

So very profound that it becomes utterly confusing. A US company wants the US protective sponsorship out of the picture?

As a devoted member of the Domain Church, allow me to say, my domain children, that our Domain Lord would cast down liquid fire, as he did onto Sodom and Gomorrah:

Quoting Domainicon 3:29, I share with you the wise words of our Domain Lord:

“Those that seeketh to break away from my protection, shall burn and perish in the desert of fire, forever abandoned into the pit of the serpent.”

What a beautiful line from our Holy Domain Book, my brothers and sisters in Domaining, therefore, allow me to explain it in modern English.

If we allow the United States government to surrender its good-willed overseeing of the Internet root zones as a de facto protective force, the Russian commies will soon take over.

That will be the end of the Internet, and the beginning of the Internyet. The communist agenda of the Soviet, and that of the Chinese dragon would soon consume the free international network of the Internet.

No more free speech, we’d all be forced to eat rice and whatever it is that the commies eat for breakfast.

I ask you: If ICANN wants to be a promoter of such an uncouth network, shouldn’t they register as a company with the Russian government and move all the way to Moscow?

It’s only fair, to me, for times are changing and the serpents are waiting to consume our freedom.

Leaving you with a brotherly kiss on both cheeks, and I joyfully renew our rendezvous for next month.

Be good, be vigilant, behave.

~Father Domainicus.


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