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Federal government shutdown already affecting Domainers

We had great hope in you, Mr. Obama.

We had great hope in you, Mr. Obama.

The Federal government is officially shut-down, and will remain so until the politicians we voted in office come to a consensus over trivial stuff, such as who gets to keep the nuclear codes.

Dozens of domain bloggers are being affected by the US government’s failure to constrain its budgetary ambitions and become profitable, just like ICANN.

“I won’t be posting about WIPO decisions or GoDaddy patents at the USPTO, as they will be shut down for a while,” said Andrew of DomainNameWire.

“Folks also need a break from my current streak of legalese content,” added Andrew, smiling.

Others were less pessimistic.

“Nothing stops me from posting about Frank Schilling’s domain sales,” said Owen Frager.

“Thank goodness, Frank is in the Caymans and not part of this madness, so I don’t see this federal government tomfoolery affecting me in the least,” added Frager.

The same sentiment was shared by Mike Berkens of TheDomains, who stated:

“As others already mentioned at The Verge, TechCrunch, Mashable, the Huffington Post and Google Blog, there is nothing to worry about – but I will paste these articles on my blog, just in case you don’t have access to those great technical resources!”

Francois of Domaining.com was indifferent, opting instead to promote CAX.com and a new .Me auction.

“Of course, American government silly, because all money for domains are now frozen and ICANN says pfffff! Come to CAX.com for .Me auction, d’accord?”

Last but not least, DomainGang will be going on a week-long hiatus in support of our government and Obamacare, beginning tomorrow. Do not be alarmed and stay focused with domains, for it’s a bad economy out there.

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