Filter out the #domain noise: OneWord.Domains parses #GoDaddy auctions

One Word Domains has tools that help you filter through the domain noise; this great metatool is now including more than 100,000 domains in GoDaddy auctions.

The tool’s developer, Steven Tey, shared the news of his latest improvements for OneWord.Domains:

For those of you who enjoy the thrill of browsing through GoDaddy’s aftermarket and finding the most brandable domains to acquire for cheap, you will LOVE this new feature.

This week I wrote an algorithm that would parse through the tens of thousands of domains on GoDaddy Auctions, select the ones that are either one-word domains or two-word .coms and display them on the site.

The algorithm covers the following 8 categories:

  • Auctions Ending Today
  • Auctions Ending Tomorrow
  • All Listings Ending Today
  • All Listings Ending Tomorrow
  • Closeout Listings that have a Buy-It-Now (BIN) price tag
  • Recent Listings
  • All Biddable Auctions
  • All Expiring Auctions

The tool’s continuing improvement is of great benefit to domain investors and brand developers.

Check it out at OneWord.Domains.

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