#Firefox clusterfuck : Silent web browser update disables all add-ons

Firefox is a popular web browser by the Mozilla Foundation, and they just pulled a global clusterfuck.

By sending out a silent update to users of the Firefox browser, all add-ons have been rendered as incompatible and have been disabled.

The monumental glitch affects desktop users only.

Many Firefox users followed the instructions arriving along with the prompt and deleted those add-ons, an action that removes all related data. Many useful add-ons include ad blockers and other anti-spam software, which has now been disabled.

Firefox issued an apology on the matter, promising updates to arrive “soon:”

We’re rolling out a fix for the issues with add-ons right now! It will automatically be applied, so you don’t need to take any steps to make add-ons work again & all your data should be unaffected. Again, we’re really sorry. More to come soon.

But to install the updated fix, Firefox users need to ensure that “Firefox Studies,” a data collection service by Mozilla, is enabled. Many users are not happy with this.

Domain investors using Firefox might want to switch to Chrome for now, or experience issues with the add-ons disabled.

The latest Firefox update quietly disabled all add-ons.

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3 Responses to “#Firefox clusterfuck : Silent web browser update disables all add-ons”
  1. BullS says:

    That why it is called “Fire — fox” get it?

    Time to get the extinguisher .

    I use Chrome with free AVG.
    I removed IE completely.
    Netscape sounds good too…AOL

  2. DK says:

    Use Brave.com browser, much better than chrome and keeps your browser privet. Blocks all adds automatically, i long since switched to it. Not looking back.

  3. In the early hours of Monday, 6 May 2019, a browser update (or rollback) became available, which restored add-on functionality without having to activate Firefox Studies. Go to Menu/Help/About Firefox/ to download the new (old) version.

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