#FoodCode .com : Great #domain brought healthy ROI to seasoned investor

Logan Flatt.

Seasoned domain investor, Logan Flatt, has done it again.

His recent sale of FoodCode.com is yet another demonstration of how clean, two word .com domains offer savvy investors the opportunity to achieve a healthy ROI with their domain sales.

Logan sold the domain for $10,000 dollars to a Russian company – just 20 days after he acquired it on GoDaddy for $1,211 bucks!

This is not only a great return on investment for a spectacular domain name, but also a record-setting time for performing such a feat.

The buyer, at this time, appears to be Sapsan, operating from Sapsan.ru.

SAPSAN Group of Companies is an investment and development company with a 27-year history of success.The company was founded in 1991, and at present is 1 of the 10 major countryside market developers of Moscow Oblast.Throughout the years of its operation, SAPSAN Group of Companies has earned the reputation of a successful investor and reliable developer.

SAPSAN Group of Companies invests in promising projects, including full cycle development projects including all stages, from investment analysis and design to the construction and maintenance of properties.SAPSAN Group of Companies’ portfolio includes more than 20 successfully implemented projects and projects currently in development, many of which have received Russian and international awards.

A job well done, Logan! 😀

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3 Responses to “#FoodCode .com : Great #domain brought healthy ROI to seasoned investor”
  1. Rod says:

    Congrats to Logan! Great job.

  2. Andrew Rice says:

    Congrats Logan!

    FoodCode.com is a great name at 8 letters and 2 syllables. It sort of rhymes as well.

  3. Data Glasses says:

    Half the places I go to need a …. foodcodeviolation.com (Available)

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