#Foveros architecture : #Intel announcement led to #Chiplets .com sale

Intel is launching a new chip architecture called “Foveros” and it’s been using the “chiplets” reference for its 3D stacking process.

What are chiplets?

According to Intel, instead of building a single unified chip that contains the CPU, the GPU and the on-chip memory, each component is built separately and can get stacked on the silicon.

This 3D architecture, Foveros, will hopefully lead to faster computer chips that overcome Moore’s Law restrictions.

It seems that the domain name Chiplets.com, that was recently available for $699 dollars, has now been sold. Foveros.com, on the other hand, still remains in the possession of Huge Domains.

Will Intel step in and grab it at the current price of $3,195 dollars?

For a 50 year old, multi-billion dollar company such as Intel, that domain cost is an absolute steal.

Chiplets.com appears to have been sold.

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