France prepares to invade US over dot .Wine spat

The French Revolution of 2014.

The French Revolution of 2014.

French President Francois Hollande announced the French army is on alert, over ICANN’s affirmation that they will go forth with a plan to launch dot .Wine and dot .Vin as early as July.

The unorthodox move and threat against an ally, shows just how serious the French government is with its protectionism of wine and cheese.

“We not allow, American, destroy French culture product, and turn GMO junk in produce of wine and domain,” said Francois Hollande, adding: “Also French modes, how you say, fashion, copied in America, Louboutain on eBay all fake, so why trust ICANN and American for Wine, hmm? Jamais de la vie!”

France plans to send its naval fleet across the Atlantic and place it in key positions in international waters, ready to intervene if ICANN does not surrender.

“For France, there is no choice, but fight American aggression, absolument. Down with .Wine, down with .Vin, burn the domain Bastille!”, exclaimed the French President in a televised statement.

While diplomatic intervention is still possible, there is little hope that the French will give up their position with .Wine and .Vin.


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