Francois closes down, relocates – plus membership discounts

Francois Carrillo

French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, announced some news today, about changes to his domain-related projects.

Valuate, an automated domain valuation system, will be relocating its functions to

The domain is now available for sale, as is, via the domain sales platform.

Francois wants to take advantage of the traffic popularity of, integrating the domain valuation service with it.

The closing down of was justified as such:

“ has been closed. People with bad domains are those who generally need a loan, but domain lenders almost lend when colaterals are premium or liquid domains, what borrowers don’t own!

So it’s hard to connect borrowers with lenders… Don’t blame me, I tried for +2 years.

The domain could probably fetch six figures, as dot .ME domains are becoming more popular.

We recently covered the acquisition of the two letter domain, by the encrypted email provider, ProtonMail.

Lastly, basic memberships are now 50% off, priced just $10 dollars.

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