Francois reveals the genius algorithm behind the domain tool at

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It has been several days now that the new brainchild of Francois – – has been issuing remarkably accurate domain evaluations; the estimates are matching real world sales with an incredible precision.

The tool publicly discloses that it’s running Estibot 2.0 – the artificial intelligence engine created by Finnish neurosurgeon Dr. Esa-Pekka Palvimaki.

However, the truth behind the overnight success of appears to be something entirely different, so we decided to investigate further.

“I used to estimate the true liquid value of my domain”, says Jimmy Hutchinson – a NamePros regular. “When I sold it for $127 at the forum, it was amazing how perfectly it matched the prediction of”, he added.

Other such examples around the domain forums reveal a similar, suspiciously perfect accuracy – this one from a clearly ticked-off domainer who got tired of lowball offers:

“I have to give it to for its accuracy. Get this, mate. There’s a literal army of shady bottom feeders, spammers, tire kickers, and goofballs, continually attempting to force a 6 – 12 months revenue model on to sellers who are offering a domain that does not fit into this bottom tier valuation model. So now, up yours! I use and give them a price they cannot challenge. In your face! In your face!”

And yet more such reports:

“If you’re one of the idiots roaming around the internet attempting to pull off this 6 – 12 months revenue heist on valuable  domains, then I want you to stop what you’re doing and go look in the mirror. Your purchase inquiry makes you sound a like dog saliva covered tennis ball, what do you see when you look at yourself? There’s carving out a respectable living by buying low and selling high, and then there’s being a time wasting asshole.  Learn to distinguish the difference.”

We just had to hear it from the horse’s mouth – Francois himself. A few key punches later, we were talking to Francois Carrillo – who also runs as everyone on the Internet knows.

“Hey, how are you, you call me again about what this time? Haha, no worry, I am awake and have showered and drinking coffee. So what you want, tell me, I will say.”

“Greetings Francois, I’ll get right to the point: how the heck is so accurate? You claim Estibot 2.0 – the main engine – is the secret but something’s not right here.”

“Well, well…Um, I know works and my God, does it have to be a reason? No? But yes, it works, so use it!”

“Francois, come on – let’s be honest here. No machine performs so well in evaluating domains. What’s going on? What happens in the split-seconds after a domainer enters the domains to be evaluated?”

“Oh shit, okay, okay. Look. I will say but you must keep silent about, okay? Keep silent about, because I am not at, how you say, I am not at liberte to announce the man who does this. It’s agreement, it’s agreement.”

“Wait…Francois, you’re saying that there is a person that manually estimates a domain’s worth each time it’s requested at This is insane. Who is the genius?”

“But I said you, cannot say, cannot say. Oh damn it. Look, you want scoop, I give you scoop, now you ask more. What you want, simply magnifique! It works. Ok. Look, damn it, my nephew Jean-Pierre Gaston Carrillo is doing it, ok? He math genius, fast at calculation and when it enters domain, he finds value in his head.”

“Holy crap, Francois – so Jean-Pierre Gaston Carrillo is actually the person who finds the true value of every domain, every time someone submits it to! What an amazing guy. It’s astonishing. Does he ever sleep?”

“Well, see, we have a problem, for sure. And when night in France, we sleep, no? So use Indian domainer in Mumbai to do valuation. Very good though and cheap, we outsource. I have to go now, it’s time for the newsletter, ok? Bye!”

So there you have it, folks. Francois and his genius nephew run a remarkable service, outperforming every computer-generated domain evaluation in the market today. In the few days that has gone live, domainers around the world are raving about its perfectly calculated results, so go ahead and give it a spin. As long as it’s daytime in France.

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