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Francois rolls out Cleaning.com – the place to ‘launder’ domains

Francois, the French entrepreneur from the land of romance and fine cheese, has done it again.

Not content with domaining, flipping and optioning, the French domainer’s new venue is now Cleaning.com.

“Thought hard how plan work, and most people want sex fantasy of course with French maid,” said Francois during a phone conversation.

“I mean, sell domain ok, but what if sell domain for option spend time with French maid cleaning house? That perfect combo, absolument!” he exclaimed.

The Cleaning.com domain service works thus: you list the domains you want to exchange or in other words “clean”, and within 24 hours a French maid is sent to your door, with broomstick, dusting feather and all supplies needed.

The scantily dressed French maid will begin cleaning your house, and you can go ahead with your daily domaining tasks, as she does her job seductively.

“Of course if married, send first wife and kids to vacation!” said Francois, laughing. “This not good if wife see French maid cleaning but in future will have male version of Cleaning.com with macho man from Marseille spend time with wife” adds Francois.

The Cleaning.com service will cost very little. For details, visit Cleaning.com – a service of eCop.


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