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Frank Schilling : First domain sale of the year matching .com via DNS


Frank Schilling, Uniregistry founder.

Frank Schilling is preparing for a massive co-launch of the Uniregistry / Domain Name Sales platform in January.

Most likely to be presented during NamesCon, the unified domain registration, parking and selling venue is the most anticipated event of the year, thus far.

Barely into 2016, domain sales are already showing just how hot the new year will be.

Frank Schilling’s first domain sale of the year and its matching .com, FirstDomainSaleOfTheYear.com, displays the diversity of investments that occurs.

“We’re focusing on the end-user market by utilizing our extensive network of domain brokers, assistant domain brokers, domain couriers and other domainer professionals, it’s what we do best,” said Frank Schilling.

“It’s really very easy to achieve substantial domain sales that stand out, once you learn how to leverage your ability to manage the quantification of intangible assets, through the productive understanding of intrinsic data relationships, it’s very easy, really!” added Frank Schilling.

The sales amount of the first domain domain sale of the year and its matching .com was not disclosed; perhaps this will happen during NamesCon.


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One Response to “Frank Schilling : First domain sale of the year matching .com via DNS”
  1. Omar Negron says:

    Good stuff. Great way to start 2016. Franks a cool dude…


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