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Frank Schilling : Hard-working man, gets Hall of Fame award


There is no doubt that anyone who puts in 60 to 80 hour work-weeks is a hard-working person, and Mr. Frank Schilling has just received an award for that.

Driven by his passion for development and strong sales, Frank Schilling’s dedication to his work, as much as to his family, had him inducted to The Times 2016 Business & Industry Hall of Fame.

Frank Schilling spoke fondly of his wife, stating “It takes quite a woman to make a company successful.”

Hard work and dedication is clearly what we need, in every industry, and Mr. Schilling clearly deserves the award.

Frank Schilling receives award.

Frank Schilling receives award.

Not to be confused with domain investor, Frank Schilling, Mr. Frank Schilling’s induction can be seen here.

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2 Responses to “Frank Schilling : Hard-working man, gets Hall of Fame award”
  1. MikeH says:

    This is the best news I have read in a long time. Truly brought a smile to my face and even better that it comes with the 100% post!

    Congrats Frank Schilling and I guess Greg Ludkovsky as well!

  2. Joe Styler says:

    He certainly looks older from all that stress. I hope he gets time to unwind soon. 😉

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