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French domainer : Francois unveils fresh photo while on vacation


Ah, the French – they know everything about the good life: long lunch breaks, crunchy bread, strong-smelling cheese and scrumptious wine, olives, grapes, strolls on the beach, long naps.

It’s the summer, after all, and life in beautiful south France is at the peak of its majestic revelation.

French domain investor, Francois of Domaining.com fame, is currently taking a much deserved vacation, with his lovely wife, away from the headaches of domain investing.

“Absolument, there fun things in France, other than domain, and hear cicadas sing beautifully, is what life is,” said Francois, sipping red Bordeaux wine.

“Wife happy, me happy, vacation excellent, time relax and no think silly argument about gTLD and bloggers fight, pfffft!” exclaimed Francois.

A rare photo of Francois was posted today on his Facebook account, both he and his wife definitely look stunning in this polaroid. Absolument.

Have a great vacation, Francois! 😀

Francois and his lovely wife.

Francois and his lovely wife.

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2 Responses to “French domainer : Francois unveils fresh photo while on vacation”
  1. DNSelect says:

    Nice, they look like models. And Francois is younger than I thought he was.

  2. Vincent says:

    I didn’t know Francois is that handsome. Seems like he and his wife is having a great smile.
    Freanois, you’re the man!

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