G’day mate, and cheers to 30 years of Aussie domains !

G’day mates! 😀

It’s the 30th year anniversary of the Australian national ccTLD, dot .au this year.

According to our records, dot .au went live on March 5th, 1986.

Dot .Au was only the 4th ccTLD to be allocated, making Australians proud early adopters of the Internet.

Famous Aussie domain industry icons, such as Mike Robertson, helped establish Australia’s footprint on the domain name space.


Australia, terra incognita.

With that in mind, the .au registry, AusRegistry, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year with plenty of nostalgia for the years that passed since.

“Back when John Farnham was topping the charts with “You’re the Voice”, Crocodile Dundee was a hit at the box office and Bob Hawke was Prime Minister,Australia made its first connection to the rest of the world via the Internet.

It’s been 30-years since the .au domain namespace was first deployed to give Aussies their own online flavour, and we haven’t looked back since – more than 3 million .au domain names have now been registered.”

Chiming in, AusRegistry CEO, Adrian Kinderis, said .au was an iconic piece of Australia’s online landscape.

“Our annual surveys consistently identify the .au domain namespace as the most trusted in Australia. From small businesses and bloggers to multi-million dollar companies such as Vegemite, Bonds, Akubra  and Holden, if you  want to succeed online in Australia a domain name ending in .au will tick the right boxes; trust, security and popularity.”

Some early adopters of the .au domain namespace were iconic local brands, including St George Bank, LJ Hooker,Wattyl and the Sydney Opera House.

To celebrate those 30 years, AusRegistry has launched an ongoing competition with prizes, which closes on September 30th. It’s only for Aussies, unfortunately, but it’s worth checking it out.

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