#GDPR speculation : #Domain name registration numbers continue to rise


GDPR, a European Union concoction of rules about data privacy and personal data management, went live on May 25th.

The two year old amalgam of Draconean data rules remained under the radar of most domain industry professionals until late last year, when its imminent consequences began to unravel.

By then, it was too late for ICANN, that waited until the last minute to attempt the drafting of a special transitional period regarding WHOIS data, and how registrars should store it.

In essence, bureaucrats and Eurocrats destroyed the WHOIS model for the rest of us.

A quick search at “GDPR domains” reveals some astonishing numbers.

Using the services of ZFBot, we were able to see that there are 210 GDPR domains that match exactly that, in all the major TLDs and gTLDs that ZFBot tracks:

From that list it’s evident that the majority of these registrations are speculative, and while has existed for years, domains such as are new.

When searching for “GDPR” at any position in a domain name, the number of registrations skyrockets.

According to ZFBot, there are 4,512 domains that contain GDPR.

Many of these domains are developed into portals that are designed to capture search traffic and convert it into leads, for services such as this.

Recently, a Spanish newspaper published an article about boutique GDPR services that have sprouted in Europe, and even law services that failed to deliver.

It is evident that the GDPR game didn’t end on May 25th; it actually kicked off on that very date. It remains to be seen when the first major GDPR incident, demanding millions of dollars for non-compliance, will occur.

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