#GDPR victim? #ExpiredDomains .net no longer offers email notifications of #domains

The effect of GDPR is reaching far outside of Europe, and Germany-based ExpiredDomains.net apparently is being affected.

Beginning tomorrow, May 9th, ExpiredDomains.net will no longer send out emails with domain search results.

In a blog post made yesterday without additional explanation, the one liner stated:

“The E-Mail Update Service for Saved Searches will be discontinued at 09.05.2018. After that day, you will no longer get Update E-Mails. “

We have no doubt that the decision was made on some implication that the email list maintenance might face, thanks to the upcoming GDPR.

From now on, users of ExpiredDomains.net will have to manually log in daily to search – again manually – for the keyword results.

A real shame witnessing the demise a great domain service that ExpiredDomains.net provided for many years.

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5 Responses to “#GDPR victim? #ExpiredDomains .net no longer offers email notifications of #domains”
  1. How does GDPR prevent email notifications? It doesn’t. It just requires a proper opt-in like most countries (even outside of Europe) do now.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Frank – These lists are obviously “opt in.” Still, maintaining all this data is problematic in Europe. Many companies are choosing to terminate services, including online gaming, for fear of the GDPR when user profiles are involved in the service.

  3. Logan says:

    All you need to do is save your searches. Then, log in and run your saved searches one by one. This is what I do. I never signed up for the emails anyway — who needs more emails?

  4. designbox says:

    Any (free) alternative to this site (with email notifications)?

  5. DomainGang says:

    designbox – none that I’m aware of. Just have to keep on visiting the web site.

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