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#GDPR victims: “A lawyer ripped me off and I can lose millions for a simple mail”

The GDPR waves are forming across the Atlantic, where a European Union law attempts to control and infect the digital world. But it’s not just those outside of the 28 European Union countries that are being negatively affected. An entire industry of advisors is weaving itself, specifically to advise and consult others on GDPR matters. […]

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#GDPR victim? #ExpiredDomains .net no longer offers email notifications of #domains

The effect of GDPR is reaching far outside of Europe, and Germany-based ExpiredDomains.net apparently is being affected. Beginning tomorrow, May 9th, ExpiredDomains.net will no longer send out emails with domain search results. In a blog post made yesterday without additional explanation, the one liner stated: “The E-Mail Update Service for Saved Searches will be discontinued […]

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Data privacy and WHOIS : #ICANN president shares update on the #GDPR compliance model

ICANN president, Göran Marby, shared an update on the GDPR compliance model that attempts to satisfy European privacy laws, among other things. Said Marby: “We’re now much closer to settling on a final interim model to use until the community adopts new policies to guide our work. ICANN org, with multistakeholder input, is attempting to […]

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