Premium, aged domain files for matching trademark registration Inc., operators of the premium, aged domain name, have filed for the registration of the LAWYER.COM mark with the USPTO. Registered in 1997, the domain name appears to be actively providing access to legal services. According to the trademark application, the filing was done with an “intent to use” clause, which means […]

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#Domain business, law, and the “gutting” of the #WHOIS by the #GDPR

Domain investors have been utilizing the information provided by the WHOIS database for well over two decades. Despite the fact that such public domain registration information was regularly abused, the information itself helped engage professionals, in a variety of business transactions, including that of domain name sales. The introduction of the GDPR in Europe has […]

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#GDPR victims: “A lawyer ripped me off and I can lose millions for a simple mail”

The GDPR waves are forming across the Atlantic, where a European Union law attempts to control and infect the digital world. But it’s not just those outside of the 28 European Union countries that are being negatively affected. An entire industry of advisors is weaving itself, specifically to advise and consult others on GDPR matters. […]

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#Greek man in legal trouble after posting smiley on #Facebook

A Greek man was sentenced to six months in jail, after posting a single smiley on Facebook. Is this possible? 😀 Here’s the background story. Several years ago, the man was sued and found guilty of defaming an entrepreneur’s business. At the time, a restraining order was issued, forbidding the man from getting in further […]

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DME .com : Molding equipment company fails to snatch aged three letter #domain

DME Company LLC, a molding equipment company, attempted to snatch the aged domain via the UDRP process. The Complainant produced evidence of a registered trademark for DME, with a registration date of 1994. Meanwhile, the domain was registered in 2001, seventeen years ago. The Respondent’s legal representative, Zak Muscovitch of Muscovitch Law P.C., […]

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The domain was hit by a UDRP, 12 years after its registration date in 2005. The Complainant, Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation, is in possession of the registered mark WIN LAKES COMMUNICATIONS. According to the Complainant, Respondent offered to sell the domain name for $50,000, an amount in excess of the typical out-of-pocket costs […]

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Neustar files UDRP against Australian domain

Neustar, the domain and network technology services company, maintains a strong presence in Australia. It comes as no surprise, that the company has filed a UDRP against the registrant of the domain Neustar is the systems provider and back-end registry operator for many new gTLDs and primarily operates from the domain The company […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP exchange : Back off, not interested in selling

Every domain has a price tag at some point in time. Making an offer for a domain clearly slated for development, can get quite annoying. When you repeatedly make offers, either higher or lower, seeking to harass the domain owner, most likely you’re not going to get anything. After years of not hearing back from […]

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Cybersquatting : It should not be controlled by the US Congress

The problem of cybersquatting as it applies to domains, isn’t new. ICANN started dealing with such violations in 1999, introducing the UDRP process on April 30th of that year. Although 17 years have passed since, many domain investors continue to fail the cybersquatting test, with regards to the domain registrations of choice. An article from […]

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When you’re hit with a UDRP for an aged, generic .com domain, it’s important to fight back. In the case of, a domain registered in 2000, the domain was acquired by its current owner in 2007, at a SnapNames auction. Fast forward to today, with Greenfort Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB of Frankfurt, Germany filing […]

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Yoyo Email Ltd. : 7 more .Email domains were lost in UDRP

In the two years since the launch of the dot .Email gTLD, a British company, Yoyo Email Ltd. made news repeatedly. Citing a pending, yet non-disclosable to the public service, Yoyo Email Ltd. registered a few thousand .Email domains, many – if not most – of which matched corporate names, or trademarks of companies. In […]

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Doctrine of laches : Successful use in fighting back UDRP for

During a UDRP process against the domain name,, the Respondent successfully utilized the “doctrine of laches” in their defense. What is the doctrine of laches and how does it affect domain ownership challenges? According to Wikipedia: “The essential element of laches is an unreasonable delay by the plaintiff in bringing the claim; because laches […]

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