Revenge porn #domain now in auction, the former domain of a notorious revenge porn web site, dropped and is currently in auction. In June 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC,) the state of Nevada, and the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada won a legal complaint against the operators of According to the law firm C.A. Goldberg, […]

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Two things to do before you bid on that domain!

Domain investors often neglect the fundamental basics of transacting with domains: trademarks and prior litigation. If you’re about to bid on a domain name in an aftermarket auction, there are a couple of things to do. First and foremost, check for existing marks at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO.) You can also […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Fresh UDRP seems typical of a “Plan B” setup

The domain was caught via DropCatch in 2021. Its registrant, Mr. David Lahoti, operates, an internet services company. He also operates the popular UDRP-tracking platform, is now in an active UDRP filing and we received documents related to the case. In summary, the Complainant attempted to get the domain offering $400 […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Two law firms go at it over Maven brand

Two law firms, one in Florida and another in California, engaged in a UDRP over the domain The Complainant, MAVEN IP , PA, is a law firm that provides legal services regarding intellectual property and is located in Florida. They hold trademark rights to the mark MAVEN. On the other hand, the Respondent is […]

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#Instagram threatens to sue operator of

Instagram is a Facebook brand, and the behemoth of social media is known to be very protective of its brands. A cease and desist notice has been sent to the registrant of the domain name The domain was registered in 2016. On the active web site, the operator of “Don’t Use Instagram” presents a […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Dot .mobi #UDRP loss seen as a favor to the Respondent

If you lose a UDRP filed against your dot .mobi domain name, consider that a favor. Fifteen years after its introduction in 2005, the generic TLD arrived a mere two years before the mobile web became obsolete, thanks to the launch of the Apple iPhone. These days, the number of .mobi domains is unknown but […]

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Domain law: What would a judge say?

At some point, if you sell enough domains, you’re going to encounter a stealth buyer. In fact, at many venues, you may never know who the buyer is until the sale is complete and the name resolves at its new home. But let’s take a step back and review the negotiation that led to that […]

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White v. Pitman : Million dollar lawsuit involves the domain

In “White v. Pitman” the lawsuit involved domain names and fraud totaling $1.1 million dollars. In August, the First District Court of Appeals allowed a lawsuit against Pitman to proceed. It alleges that Pitman obtained a total of $1.1 million from the victim in the criminal case to buy domains that Pitman and possibly others […]

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#Domain seizure : It’s not a medical condition, it’s the law

“Domain seizure” is not a medical condition requiring medication, or a bite-down for your tongue. When domain seizures occur, it’s because the law has been broken. The US Department of Justice delivers such instructions to domain Registrars, that have to take the offending domain away from the registrant, and place it under the direct management […]

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Algorand.CO #UDRP : Domain investing is a legitimate activity

When a generic domain is older than the keyword’s trademark, the rule of thumb is that there is no bad intention in the registration. In the case of Algorand.CO, the Indian Respondent registered the domain at a time that the Complainant, Algorand, Inc. had not yet registered their mark. The panelist’s decision favored the Respondent, […]

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#Molemax : How a 2012 trademark beat a 2005 #domain registration in a #UDRP?, a domain registered in 2005, was just lost via the UDRP process. What’s strange, is that the Complainant’s trademark for MOLEMAX bears a 2012 registration date. In other words, the domain name is 7 years senior to the mark. The two dates aren’t hidden, they were listed by the WIPO panelist: The trademark is […]

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It’s the law : #Domainers getting “subpeened” by the dozens?

Subpena. What a terrible word. I can’t spel it. Is it sub peena, and what the hell does it mean? Those damn doughmein laywers, they always invent some difficult werds. Domainers need to spend money on a dicktionary, what’s up with that. Most of the time I google on the internet or reddit. It’s fun. […]

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