It’s the law : #Domainers getting “subpeened” by the dozens?

Subpena. What a terrible word. I can’t spel it. Is it sub peena, and what the hell does it mean?

Those damn doughmein laywers, they always invent some difficult werds. Domainers need to spend money on a dicktionary, what’s up with that.

Most of the time I google on the internet or reddit. It’s fun. Is where I get all my legal advice, and how to register trades marks domains if I have to.

Sub peena baffles me though. I heard Enom is done something. Or is it a user on Enom? Not sure. Hell, not sure who uses Enom these days, they haven’t fixed them control panel since 1999. So 20th century!

Anyway. I must confess this: writing more than one editorials in a month is more fun than ever, because they are honest opinions. That’s right. Not “real” or parody content. Just opinions. And because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, why not?

But seriously now.

I know damn well how to spell “subpoena” and it’s Latin for a court summons. Check it out on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

And no, Enom isn’t that bad of a registrar either, I still have a handful of domains there, but it’d be nice if they updated their user interface to make it more mobile friendly.

As a final note, lawyers are free to represent any client they choose to.

They observe a well-defined code of conduct and follow strict ethics. I am not in a position to judge a lawyer’s choice to represent a client, simply because the other party just so happens to be a domainer. In the end, a court gets to enforce the law in every case, and deliver a decision.

Over and out.

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