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Goodbye #Mixstep : RIAA threats take Namecheap #domain down

The RIAA’s legal arm has wrestled Mixstep, a DJ mix repository to the ground. Operating from the domain Mixstep.co, the web site succumbed to an influx of DMCA notices, most of which it complied with. The Mixstep’s operator banned infringing users, but admitted that the process was too much effort for a free to use […]

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It’s the law : #Domainers getting “subpeened” by the dozens?

Subpena. What a terrible word. I can’t spel it. Is it sub peena, and what the hell does it mean? Those damn doughmein laywers, they always invent some difficult werds. Domainers need to spend money on a dicktionary, what’s up with that. Most of the time I google on the internet or reddit. It’s fun. […]

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