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Goodbye #Mixstep : RIAA threats take Namecheap #domain down

The RIAA’s legal arm has wrestled Mixstep, a DJ mix repository to the ground. Operating from the domain Mixstep.co, the web site succumbed to an influx of DMCA notices, most of which it complied with. The Mixstep’s operator banned infringing users, but admitted that the process was too much effort for a free to use […]

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Namecheap pulls the plug on #torrent sharing domain #Nofile dot .IO

Namecheap has sent a popular torrent sharing domain, Nofile.IO into no man’s land, suspending it. Nofile.io is now in “serverHold” status, which means it can’t be updated or resolve via its DNS. Why would that happen? A month ago, Namecheap was issued a subpoena to hand over the contact information of the domain’s registrant by […]

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Dot .Music : Victory for Constantine Roussos as RIAA supports Community gTLD applicant

The ongoing battle for the dot .Music gTLD, one of the most prestigious keywords in the new Internet namespace, has garnered an important victory for founder Constantine Roussos‘s team effort, to build a Community-led dot .Music. The dot .Music founder announced that RIAA, the Recording Industry Association of America, is throwing its support behind his […]

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