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ISS.mobi: Dot .mobi #UDRP loss seen as a favor to the Respondent

If you lose a UDRP filed against your dot .mobi domain name, consider that a favor. Fifteen years after its introduction in 2005, the generic TLD arrived a mere two years before the mobile web became obsolete, thanks to the launch of the Apple iPhone. These days, the number of .mobi domains is unknown but […]

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#Domain sightings: A dot .mobi in the wild?!

We keep track of domain sightings, random encounters with domains “in the wild.” There are two main categories of such domain encounters in the physical realm: dot .com, and then everything else. This time around we have an ultra rare sighting of a dot .mobi domain! Courtesy of our friend Joseph Slabaugh, here comes TellUsNow.mobi. […]

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Kazam! World’s slimmest phone uses a .Mobi domain

Remember the sale of Flowers.mobi for $6,500? That was a while ago, and while the dot .mobi TLD has lost a lot of domain registrations since, it doesn’t mean it serves no purpose. Take, for example, the launch of the Kazam Tornado 348, the world’s slimmest phone, at 5.15mm thick. Googling “Kazam” returns Kazam.mobi as […]

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