: Penis enlargement company’s UDRP falls short; gets whipped with RDNH was hit with a UDRP by a medical company that provides a penis enlargement procedure. Not only did the Respondent prevail, the panelists whipped the Complainant with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. According to the UDRP’s particulars: Complainant is Charles E. Runels, Jr., represented by Sheryl De Luca of Nixon & Vanderhye […]

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The domain was hit by a UDRP, 12 years after its registration date in 2005. The Complainant, Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation, is in possession of the registered mark WIN LAKES COMMUNICATIONS. According to the Complainant, Respondent offered to sell the domain name for $50,000, an amount in excess of the typical out-of-pocket costs […]

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UDRP settled: PPC advertising *is* a bona fide use for domains

In a UDRP for the domain, the Complainant attempted to wrestle the domain away from its registrant, predating the “KUBEX” trademark by 11 years. Represented by the Zak Muscovitch law firm, the Respondent noted: “Respondent could not have registered the domain name in bad faith because Respondent’s registration of the domain name predates by […]

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IP attorney Zak Muscovitch successfully defended the domain name against Google‘s ‘evil’ clutches. According to a tweet by Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, the domain was spared in a UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum, that was decided for the Respondent. Says Muscovitch: “GOOGLE just lost a dispute over the domain name, […]

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