#NamesConOnline video : Booking .com decision’s impact on #domains and #UDRP concerns

NamesCon Online – Day 2

NamesConOnline continues on day #2 with great, informative, and educational sessions.

One of them, “What the Booking.com Decision Means for Domain Names and the UDRP,” brought together two top attorneys, experts in the fields of domains, trademarks, and the law.

The guest was Mr. David Bernstein, lead IP Counsel to Booking.com and UDRP Panelist.

ICA General Counsel and domain name lawyer, Zak Muscovitch, interviewed Mr. Bernstein on the impact of the US Supreme Court’s decision for Booking.com on trademarks, generic domains, and the UDRP.

The subject is both thorny and complex for the average domain investor, and the two attorneys explained it in detail to the NamesConOnline session attendees.

From the almost 40 minute long session, here are 9 minutes that’ll be of interest to domain name investors:

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3 Responses to “#NamesConOnline video : Booking .com decision’s impact on #domains and #UDRP concerns”
  1. John Berryhill says:

    Diverging opinions unwelcome, of course.

  2. Steve says:

    Trademark parasites. Diluting generic names. So now MiamiBooking.com is no good for booking travel?? If it is this is criminal.
    Great job Zak!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been watching this for some time and I still don’t get it. I have a few EMD domains that i would trademark too if it made sense, but I don’t get what’s being protected here.

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