Data privacy and WHOIS : #ICANN president shares update on the #GDPR compliance model

ICANN president, Göran Marby, shared an update on the GDPR compliance model that attempts to satisfy European privacy laws, among other things.

Said Marby:

“We’re now much closer to settling on a final interim model to use until the community adopts new policies to guide our work. ICANN org, with multistakeholder input, is attempting to identify the appropriate balance for a path forward to ensure compliance with the GDPR while maintaining the existing WHOIS system to the greatest extent possible. Your input remains critical to this process. I am asking for your feedback, preferably prior to ICANN61, where we will continue this conversation on the direction we are taking toward interim compliance with the GDPR.”

The ICANN president shared pointers to two documents, addressing distinct issues:

  • A PDF document providing a high-level summary of the proposed interim model, including a proposal for an accreditation program for continued access to full Thick WHOIS data for accredited users/entities. The legal justification for collection and use of the WHOIS data included in the interim model is not included in this summary document, but will be based on legitimate interests of the controllers or third parties, and will be detailed in an analysis accompanying the final model.
  • An Excel document, providing a comparison of ICANN organization and community-proposed models based on various elements of registration data against the proposed interim model.

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