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Genevieve Sabourin: Dot com squatted by “celebrity guru!”


Three days ago we wrote about how long it’d take before the dot com of a celebrity stalker would be squatted upon.

Sure enough, GenevieveSabourin.com is now registered, according to DomainTools. The registrant is Ari Admani & Co.

Ari Admani is a “music and fashion guru” – at least according to his fiancee.

According to AriAdmani.com, the new registrant of Genevieve Sabourin’s name in dot com, is “the premier firm specializing in the business affairs of some of your favorite people in the world.”

Ari Admani & Co. state that they “…consult billionaires, multi-millionaires, multi-platinum artists, Grammy winners, sports team owners, athletes, actors, models…”

By visiting GenevieveSabourin.com one can see a picture of the Canadian actress that stalked actor Alec Baldwin, along with the tag line “Genevieve Sabourin Creepy Smile.

Ari Admani practices “Christ Consciousness” according to his Facebook page – whatever that means.

Meanwhile, Mr. Admani displays image links on his web site’s right side, that depict fully naked celebrities, including an explicit video of British pop singer Tulisa Contostavlos, performing oral sex. [NOT SAFE FOR WORK]

It seems that Ari Admani & Co. seeks $72,000 annually as a retainer for unnamed services. We are curious to know what services the “music and fashion guru” will be providing to Genevieve Sabourin through the registration of her name as a dot com.

Other domains registered by Ari Admani & Co. is KathleenHilfiger.com (16 year old daughter of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger) – and RorreyFenty.com (brother of singer Rihanna.)

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2 Responses to “Genevieve Sabourin: Dot com squatted by “celebrity guru!””
  1. hmm, a fashion guru named Ari Admani, sounds confusingly similar to Armani to me 😀

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Domain Animal – Good observation 🙂

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