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‘Celebrity guru’ lands registration of TupacHologram.com

Ari Admani made news recently, after registering – some would call it, squatting – the name of Genevieve Sabourin, the Canadian stalker of actor Alec Baldwin. The ‘celebrity and fashion guru‘ who seems to go after names related to celebrities, went after TupacHologram.com, according to top WHOIS tool, DomainTools. If you haven’t read the celebrity […]

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Genevieve Sabourin: Dot com squatted by “celebrity guru!”

Three days ago we wrote about how long it’d take before the dot com of a celebrity stalker would be squatted upon. Sure enough, GenevieveSabourin.com is now registered, according to DomainTools. The registrant is Ari Admani & Co. Ari Admani is a “music and fashion guru” – at least according to his fiancee. According to […]

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