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Georgina Domainer: When in doubt, use a Spanish model’s photo

We recently wrote about a fake domainer profile on LinkedIn that accumulated more than 500 connections.

While adding some great new connections on LinkedIn, the suggested 2nd degree connection of “Georgina Domainer” popped up.

Here’s how Georgina Domainer appears among a group of typical professionals – which photo would you click on?

Rhetorical question.

If LinkedIn allowed for risque photos, the one showing the most cleavage. 😉


The photo of Georgina is of course that of Ariadne Artiles, a glamorous, talented, and very beautiful Spanish fashion model.

As for Georgina, we are not convinced about her real gender; apparently, the profile was created to lock down the username “PremiumDomainNames” on LinkedIn.

Have a blast with Ariadne at her official web site.

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5 Responses to “Georgina Domainer: When in doubt, use a Spanish model’s photo”
  1. I guessed that, never convinced it was a genuine pic … lol 😀
    BTW, Ariadne lives in the Canary Islands, where’s hot and sunny all year! https://instagram.com/ariadneartiles/

  2. DomainGang says:

    Andrea – Great. Need. Ticket. To. Canary. Islands. Now.

  3. BTW, talking about girls, I’ve just helped this girl https://instagram.com/queenxenia to get his last name .com domain (Tchoumitcheva.com)

  4. DomainGang says:

    She’s hot! Does she ever visit Dubai? #TagTheSponsor

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