Get #FUCT : Immoral trademarks’ future opens thanks to LLLL .com #domain

FUCT is a four letter acronym and fashion brand conceived in 1990. It stands for FRIENDS U CAN’T TRUST, and the brand’s 2011 trademark application has been blocked by the USPTO, thanks to federal guidelines refusing the registration of “immoral or scandalous marks.”

The owner of FUCT brand, Erik Brunetti sued and that decision was overruled in court today, as the US Supreme Court decided that such a selective registration of trademarks violates free speech and the First Amendment.

The decision in the FUCT case opens the possibility of allowing other such immoral or scandalous keywords to be registered as federal trademarks.

The domain was registered in 1997, but the domain appears to have been acquired by the FUCT brand sometime in 2007, from a brand specialist professional.

If the trademark registration process of classifying words as “scandalous” and “immoral” is permanently overturned, expect an influx of words such as “fuck” to be used in trademarks – not just domain names.

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One Response to “Get #FUCT : Immoral trademarks’ future opens thanks to LLLL .com #domain”
  1. I am not into “cute” domains.
    But this one is brilliantly smart and very brandable.
    Better than 🙂

    They may do well if they actually launch!

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