“GoDaddy-Free” Kevin Mitnick: SOPA sucks balls!

Kevin Mitnick - a free man - is now GoDaddy-Free!

Legendary computer hacker Kevin Mitnick – author of the best selling books The Art of Deception and The Art of Intrusion – has announced that he’s moved all of his domains away from GoDaddy.

Mitnick started by announcing his lack of love for GoDaddy, then asked for recommendations for a domain registrar.

It seems that Kevin Mitnick – who is a computer and network security consultant these days – chose Namecheap:

“I decided to move my domains to namecheap. Yes, SOPA sucks balls!”

Kevin Mitnick, who was recently booted off Facebook temporarily due to some apparent identity concern, became famous in the 80’s and 90’s for eluding arrest after breaking into a variety of computer networks, often using the element of social engineering.

FREE KEVIN’s domains – as his supporters would say. 😀

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