GoDaddy Lead Center: New updates this weekend

GoDaddy has announced that its team of domain brokers will now be required to report every detail of their daily activities, including bathroom breaks, lunches, and other mundane activities, on the company’s new “Lead Center” feature. The new tool is part of Afternic, a domain marketplace in perpetual “beta.”

According to the GoDaddy press release, the Lead Center feature will provide domain investors with a comprehensive view of their domain transactions, including real-time updates on the broker’s every move. This also means that investors can now keep track of when their domain broker takes a bathroom break, what they had for lunch, and even how many times they’ve checked their phone.

“We understand that our customers want to be as informed as possible about their domain transactions,” said GoDaddy CEO, Aman Bhutani. “By providing this level of transparency, we’re ensuring that investors have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their domains.”

Some investors have praised the move as a step towards greater transparency and information, others have criticized it as unnecessary and invasive.

“I don’t care what my broker does in their personal time,” said one disgruntled investor. “As long as they’re getting the job done, that’s all that matters. But I really wish they didn’t push us to accept offers from lowballing buyers, just to record a sale!” he exclaimed.

Despite the backlash, GoDaddy remains committed to its new Lead Center feature, and has even announced plans to expand it to include even more detailed reports, such as the number of times a domain broker sneezes or farts during a phone call while at work.

“We believe that our customers deserve the very best in domain brokerage services,” said Bhutani. “And if that means reporting on every minute detail of our brokers’ lives, then so be it.”

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