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Fake #GoDaddy socks can lead to devastating #domain name sales!

Rumors that GoDaddy socks act like a dosage of good juju, promoting immeasurable luck and prosperity, have led to a sea of copycats made in China. Chinese sock factories are working overtime, producing GoDaddy sock knockoffs by the millions, and they are selling them on Alibaba and Amazon at ridiculously low prices. “We are aware […]

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Aman Bhutani : #GoDaddy CEO’s .com #domain passed through #HugeDomains

GoDaddy has a fresh CEO, Aman Bhutani, and yesterday he clocked 3 weeks at his job. Bhutani’s eloquence was evident during a much hyped new product presentation at GoDaddy, called “WebSites Plus Marketing” that is basically a set of web templates to be used by customers, and some basic SEO tools. Nothing ground-breaking here. What’s […]

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