Complainant slapped with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

The domain was registered in 1999 and 23 years later a UDRP was filed against it by Redgrass SA, Switzerland. The Complainant failed to come to an agreement to acquire the domain and then filed a UDRP; this constitutes an act of engaging in a “Plan B” approach. The domain’s registrant and Respondent in […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Former anti-piracy portal sold to comedians by #HugeDomains

In 2004, the Motion Picture Association, the Federation Against Copyright Theft, and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore put together the anti-piracy video “Piracy it’s a crime.” The video was then promoted on DVDs and in movie theaters, making it the most iconic anti-piracy PSA ever made. The once-official web site campaign site shut […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Portable PC from #Valve rides on HugeDomains sale!

Valve, operators of the Steam gaming platform, announced the launch of Steam Deck, a $399+ portable PC. “We partnered with AMD to create Steam Deck’s custom APU, optimized for handheld gaming. It is a Zen 2 + RDNA 2 powerhouse, delivering more than enough performance to run the latest AAA games in a very efficient […]

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#HugeDomains rolls out redesigned web site!

HugeDomains has millions of domains under direct management and about 4 million of them are for sale. The biggest privately held domain registrant in the world has rolled out a redesigned web site and overall brand, that includes the logo. Changes to the web site deliver a look and feel reminiscent of GoDaddy before the […]

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Aman Bhutani : #GoDaddy CEO’s .com #domain passed through #HugeDomains

GoDaddy has a fresh CEO, Aman Bhutani, and yesterday he clocked 3 weeks at his job. Bhutani’s eloquence was evident during a much hyped new product presentation at GoDaddy, called “WebSites Plus Marketing” that is basically a set of web templates to be used by customers, and some basic SEO tools. Nothing ground-breaking here. What’s […]

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#OrangeVanilla .com : The new #Coke flavor is a huge #domain

The Coca Cola company has created a new soda flavor, Orange Vanilla, and reviewers love it. Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar – the first Coca-Cola trademark flavor innovations in over a decade – hit stores nationwide on February 25 in a range of packaging options. Creating a new flavor that’s expanding […]

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Angry #Democrats : Two new #domains in Rick Schwartz’s holiday bag!

Rick Schwartz is busy working on his holiday bag; the Domain King hasn’t blogged for a few days now. Concentrating on one’s business, even when officially retired, takes a lot of discipline. Rick’s focus on domains is well-known, as is his self-proclaimed domain collecting interest. So which kind of domain names is Rick Schwartz packing […]

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Huge(st) #Domains : Four million under management!

HugeDomains has expanded its domain portfolio substantially, by crossing the 4 million domain threshold. According to DomainTools, with 4,043,091 domains under management, HugeDomains is the biggest single private registrant of domain names, in the known cosmos! Maybe they need to change their name to HugestDomains, although that matching .com domain is registered to someone else. […]

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Fake domains? It’s the new trend!

Thanks to President Donald Trump’s obsession with “fake” news, the keyword is witnessing unprecedented fame. Rick Schwartz acquired, and he’s not the only one playing this game. Everything “Fake” is hot right now: Fake milk, fake chicken sold by Subway in Canada, even fake burgers. Not sure if the latter is made out of […]

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You’re gonna need two hands : Grand Mac arrives without the .com

“You’re gonna need two hands,” says the message on the new McDonald’s “Grand Mac” – a sizable upgrade from the classic Big Mac. At only $0.60 more and considerably bigger and juicier, this mofo of a burger sammich is for the hungry, and it’s just gone national. Imagine that: you end attending several hours worth […]

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Proof HugeDomains will grab any domain that drops!

HugeDomains is a massive repository of domain names that expired and dropped. Its analysis of metrics related to the domains it acquires is legendary. It’s remarkable to uncover that HugeDomains currently controls 2.44 million domains in its portfolio, most of which were acquired in the drop. Very rarely does HugeDomains drop domains from its portfolio, […]

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HugeDomains wins UDRP over

Exotic pets, such as bobcats, aren’t particularly popular – and yet, HugeDomains won a UDRP for the domain on its generic nature. Does one really own a bobcat – a feral carnivore feline – to call it “my bobcat?” Some images from Google say yes. But that’s not important in the eyes of the […]

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