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You’re gonna need two hands : Grand Mac arrives without the .com

“You’re gonna need two hands,” says the message on the new McDonald’s “Grand Mac” – a sizable upgrade from the classic Big Mac. At only $0.60 more and considerably bigger and juicier, this mofo of a burger sammich is for the hungry, and it’s just gone national. Imagine that: you end attending several hours worth […]

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Non-COM sightings : Big Mac dot .ROCKS added to domain roster!

Another great non-COM domain has been added to the expanding roster of sightings; our very own Maxwell, spotted this elusive dot .ROCKS domain. While traveling in Austria, Maxwell could not miss the promotion at a Vienna McDonald’s. When one visits BigMac.Rocks, they are forwarded to a special promotion by McDonald’s in Austria, to enter codes […]

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Chef Patrick overworked at Oversee, says wife

In case you’re wondering what’s going on with Chef Patrick these days, he’s slaving away at Oversee Central in South Florida. According to our sources, the Chefster misses the good old days of shooting weekly shows, those with the female presenters that had a bust size larger than IQ. “Patrick is exhausted from all the […]

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