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Proof HugeDomains will grab any domain that drops!


HugeDomains is a massive repository of domain names that expired and dropped.

Its analysis of metrics related to the domains it acquires is legendary.

It’s remarkable to uncover that HugeDomains currently controls 2.44 million domains in its portfolio, most of which were acquired in the drop.

Very rarely does HugeDomains drop domains from its portfolio, as it owns its own registrar, NameBright. This allows the enterprising business, that also owns DropCatch.com, to perform a full cycle of domain processing, at a minimal cost.

Typically, HugeDomains sells domains for low to mid four figures.

To prove that HugeDomains grabs almost anything of importance that drops, we just found out that a domain previously owned by domain developer, Tia Wood, got captured.

ProjectTesting.com was used in the past by Tia, to test out client work. How the heck did HugeDomains find out, it’s beyond our understanding. There was nothing ever public on that web site, and projects sat behind password-protected directories.

HugeDomains now wants $3,295 dollars for the domain.


Good luck with that, as Tia told us she did not need the domain any longer and let it drop.


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9 Responses to “Proof HugeDomains will grab any domain that drops!”
  1. MrVg says:

    Huge domains want 3k for anything on their site

  2. DomainGang says:

    MrVg – 2.44 million times $3k that’s …ummm….. a lot of money. 😀

  3. LT says:


    Maybe he has created the most sophisticated and powerful software to track the trending words and drop catch the good names.

  4. MrVg says:

    Even my butler refuses to pay 3k for a 9N

  5. DK says:

    Be as it may, i have acquired couple of domains for my client through huge domains ( i am in digital marketing). Both were under 2k, and i negotiated them even lower. So i actually appreciate huge domain service, since under 2k is easy for client to pay.

  6. Fresh Minds says:

    As DK said, they are willing to negotiate as I have received a substantial discount on one domain I bought for my client.

  7. About 6 years ago, I was filtering my small portfolio of 5000 domains, and decided quite a few were junk. I let them drop. Then I realized I let one drop that I probably shouldn’t have. I searched for it, and it was picked up by HUGEDOMAINS. I shrugged. Then a few weeks later I got curious if the domains I thought were worthless were being picked up by people who had “other” ideas about my dropping domains.

    Every single domain, over 100, were picked up by HugeDomains. Oh crap I said out loud to my dog. I’m missing something. But the more I re-inspected the domains that HugeDomains was grabbing (I thought they had a bead on me on purpose), I realized this is a financial empire who wants to control ALL DOMAINS they can get, not just following all my drops. I have their “number” on what it is they want to achieve. They probably don’t want to anyone to reveal it, but I got it. The good news is: don’t worry if they grab any of your dropping domains. You know that old lady down the street who one day has a couple of vans and movers pull up and start moving out mountains of junk?

    Huge Domains grandma.

  8. That’s a good domain name with buyers in that niche. I don’t think the previous use of the domain name had much influence on it being picked up. Just a good two word domain.

  9. christopher brennan says:

    they buy everything in godaddy that has a bid on it and they are never the first bidder always the last

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