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Mike Mann bought BangFit.com from HugeDomains


Gotta love the world of new gTLDs! 😀

Domain investor, Mike Mann, implemented one of the fastest domain acquisitions in response to extensive media coverage.

As reported by Elliot, Bang.Fit [NSFW] is a new sexercize app created by adult content providers, PornHub.

The choice of a new gTLD might sound strange to many, and Mike Mann seized the opportunity to buy BangFit.com from its seller, HugeDomains.

The sale of BangFit.com occurred yesterday, most likely for $2,095 dollars according to this screenshot below. The sale took place yesterday.

BangFit.com was sold to Mike Mann.

BangFit.com was sold to Mike Mann.

Will PornHub pay a premium price to acquire the domain from Mike Mann, or risk experiencing a sizable traffic leak to the .com?

HugeDomains owns more than 2.2 million domains, according to DomainTools.

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14 Responses to “Mike Mann bought BangFit.com from HugeDomains”
  1. Eric Borgos says:

    There is a registered trademark for Bangfit, so buying the domain on speculation seems like a risky move.

  2. Jon says:

    Isn’t he buying it in bad faith then.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Hmmm, looks that there is a registered mark, correct. 🙁

  4. Leon says:

    Hmm, you might call that a “dick move”.

    …..Couldn’t resist

  5. James says:

    That was nice of Mike to buy it for Bang.fit as he will be handing it over when they file a UDRP.

  6. Andrea Paladini says:

    BangFit.com registration date predates TM by roughly one year (Aug 2012 vs Aug 2013), therefore in this case I don’t see bad faith in registration.
    Hard to prove bad faith in use as well, IMHO, since they neither parked the domain with TM infringing ads nor tried to sell to the owner or any other bad practices …
    Just my two cents … 🙂

  7. DomainGang says:

    Hey Andrea – I think the issue is the ownership change. The benefit you quoted remains with the previous owner, HugeDomains. But let’s see what happens, interesting project. 😉

  8. Andrea Paladini says:

    That’s true, let’s see what happens …
    Anyway, TM protection in this case is limited only to Class 41.

  9. WQ says:

    Looks like someone will be getting F**cked

  10. Boysenberry says:

    Hard to feel bad for a company that foolishly overlooked an available .Com in favor of a .Crapolla and then realizes that it was a huge mistake which will cause it to lose major traffic. And then when someone smart comes around and grabs the .Com, the company cries “oh woe is me – we feel entitled to that since we have the trademark”. Wah wah wah.

    They had their choice. They picked a .SH*T gtld. Now, they need to live with their dumb*ss decision. No takesies backsies after the third grade.

  11. Bram says:

    My guess is that PornHub will file an UDRP.
    The fact that the original registration of the domain predates the trademark is irrelevant as Mike purchased the domain after the trademark was already live.

  12. Zack says:

    Did not PornHub know that the .com is available for only $2k ? Could not they buy it ? of course they knew, of course they could buy it.

    So why did not they ? because they are not interested and even if they would be interested, they will file a UDRP to get it from the new owner who thought himself smart, indeed he is a stupid one knowing about the TM on the name.

    The main point is, they are not interested in .com in the first place. they have found what is a better brand name and moving along with the new gtlds just like smartcatch.fish owner who did not even bother to inquire about the .com

    the smartcatch.com ends as a parking page waiting for a buyer when the .fish is live and ranked No 1 in first page of google search. it is all about the website content, no longer .com or .anything

    same case applies here. the .com will end up as a parking page while the .fit will go live, sooner or later people will know which to visit. usually people will google the website they wish to visit. and here is it as No 1 in the search results, but no sign of .com , end of story.

    Conclusion is they were not interested in the .com , they are moving ahead, you people are sticky to…

  13. Zack says:

    The greedy domainer is listing bangfit.com for $10k . Good luck with that. LOL

    bang.fit probably cost them only $50 . why bother to pay $10k or even $2k

    You guys keep sticking with your .com and keep over pricing them until everyone moves to new gtlds for his website. and your .com all end up as parking pages. laugh.

  14. George says:

    They did not buy it for 2000 and just want to waste it on filing a udrp . I just hope they wont have to pay more than that. I don’t really get the logic.

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