Angry #Democrats : Two new #domains in Rick Schwartz’s holiday bag!

Rick Schwartz is busy working on his holiday bag; the Domain King hasn’t blogged for a few days now.

Concentrating on one’s business, even when officially retired, takes a lot of discipline. Rick’s focus on domains is well-known, as is his self-proclaimed domain collecting interest.

So which kind of domain names is Rick Schwartz packing for the holidays?

No more Bitcoin domains for the holidays for Rick.

There isn’t a lot of activity, but we managed to come across two domains that are linked to each-other, a registration and an aftermarket acquisition.

First, Rick registered a few days ago. Then, in true fashion of seeking the best option, he acquired from Huge Domains.

There is no recent screenshot of the domain in DomainTools, but one from 2014 shows that the domain was priced at $2,595 dollars. We expect that Huge Domains upped the price since, as they regularly do.

Rick Schwartz’s interest in political domains isn’t new, as we’ve recorded many such related domains in the past.

Ho, ho, ho! 😀

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