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Fake #GoDaddy socks can lead to devastating #domain name sales!

Rumors that GoDaddy socks act like a dosage of good juju, promoting immeasurable luck and prosperity, have led to a sea of copycats made in China.

Chinese sock factories are working overtime, producing GoDaddy sock knockoffs by the millions, and they are selling them on Alibaba and Amazon at ridiculously low prices.

“We are aware of this copycat sock issue and are monitoring the situation involving the protection of our ultra premium GoDaddy sock brand,” said GoDaddy CEO, Aman Bhutani.

“The unique qualities of the GoDaddy socks enable our customers to sell domains faster and at higher prices, and it’s obvious there are some sketchy scammers out there,” added Aman Bhutani, smiling.

GoDaddy socks are in fact Burlington Blackpool Multi Striped Cotton Socks, of the highest quality. The Chinese socks are made of cheap, artificial cotton, corn leaves, and recycled condoms.

“If you buy these fake GoDaddy socks you are setting yourself up for a tremendous amount of failure,” said GoDaddy CEO, Aman Bhutani, adding: “Your domain auctions will fail, your PPC revenue will collapse, you will be hit with a UDRP – or worse!”

Real GoDaddy socks are selling in the secondary sock market for hundreds of dollars, so be forewarned; look for the new “two eggs” GoDaddy logo on them, before you submit payment to the merchant.

Not authentic GoDaddy socks

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One Response to “Fake #GoDaddy socks can lead to devastating #domain name sales!”
  1. Michael says:

    Look out for a .socks in the next round of new TLD applications

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